Why 2 Month Olds Sleep a Lot or Too Much

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My entire professional life after having children has been to help babies sleep. But, can babies sleep a little too much? In this article, I will share what it means to have your 2 month old sleep a lot, how much is too much, and what you should do about it (if anything) based on my 15+ years as a baby sleep consultant.

How Much Sleep Do 2 Month Olds Need?

Before we get to whether your baby is sleeping a lot or too much, we need to figure out how much sleep 2 month olds need in the first place.

Most 2 month olds will need 14-16 hours of sleep every day, on average, with 10-12 hours of sleep at night and 3-4 hours during the day. Of course, some babies will need more or less than the average!

2 Month Old Sleeping a Lot – What Does That Mean?

Usually, if a parent tells me their 2 month old is sleeping “a lot” it means that the amount of sleep has significantly increased in the past week or two. If your catnapper is suddenly taking two-hour naps, for example, you might be concerned.

If your baby is sleeping over 4 hours during the day and 11-12 hours at night, you might describe your baby as sleeping “a lot”.

But, Is it “Too Much?”

If your baby is thriving during the day, eating well, playing, staying on their growth curve, etc. it is probably NOT “too much.” However, if your baby is irritable when awake and can hardly stay awake throughout the day or is sleeping for more than 16 hours a day, I recommend you visit your doctor. It doesn’t hurt to get a professional opinion.

Why 2 Month Olds Sleep a Lot

So, why do 2 month olds sleep a lot? There are 4 primary reasons your baby is sleeping a lot including growth spurts, developmental milestones, illness, and day/night confusion. Let’s learn about each in more detail:

Growth Spurt

Remember, it is during sleep that your baby is doing most of their growing. In fact, according to VNA Health Care, “…growth spurts not only occur during sleep, but are also heavily influenced by it.” Babies triple their birth weight by the time they turn a year old so it is no wonder that they need a lot of sleep! If your 2 month old is also eating a lot, it could be a growth spurt.


In addition to physical growth, it is during sleep that your baby does much of their learning, too! During certain leaps, you can expect your baby to sleep more than usual. If your 2 month old suddenly seems happy when you walk up to them, make sounds other than crying, watch you as you move, or hold their head up when doing tummy time, they are developing appropriately. They grow and change so fast these first few months! You may want to consider Annie Baby Monitor so you can capture these “first” moments when your baby is in their crib.


Hopefully, you’ve been limiting excessive contact with others in the newborn stage. However, eventually, babies start to interact more with the outside world. And, when that happens, sometimes your baby will catch a virus and get sick. If your baby does get sick, they will sleep a lot to recover and build an even stronger immune system. It is important to always get your baby enough sleep so their immune system can be as strong as possible!

Days and Nights Are Confused

Is your baby still taking 3-4-hour naps during the day and ready to party at 2 a.m. for an hour or two? It’s possible that your 2 month old still has their days and nights confused. If that’s the case, this is one of the 5 times you should wake your baby from sleep. Be sure to limit any single nap to no more than two hours and keep baby awake for at least 45-60 minutes to help “set” their internal clocks appropriately.

Learn More About Your 2 Month Old

We hope you learned more about your 2 month old’s sleep needs and why they are sleeping a lot. Want to learn more about your baby’s sleep? Here are some resources just for you!

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